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Gender Equality

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What are the benefits of gender equality?

Gender stratification in society prevents balanced human development and leads to human rights violations.

Promoting gender equality helps make the work of the public sector more efficient and focused on people, and to ensure that the planned policies and public services are in fact equally accessible to both men and women, of good quality and of equal benefit to them.

The sustainability of society depends on the state’s ability to create the best opportunities for the development and functioning of its people. There is a direct link between economic growth, employment and the actual equality between the two largest social groups, ie men and women. The active participation of all human resources – all genders – ensures competitiveness and employment growth. Every person must be able to develop their abilities and make choices freely, without being limited by gender-stereotypical attitudes and traditional gender roles. Valuing the skills, competence and talents of every member of society is important for both the sustainability of society and human development.

Equal, total and effective participation of men and women in all areas of life, especially employment, helps achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth. To achieve this, we must stand up for gender equality in policy-making processes every day.